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ARWO Resolution to establish Policy for paying overhead:

Sunday, October 20, 2019

The Association of Regional Water Organizations (ARWO) supports promoting the present and future effectiveness of regional water and wastewater systems in delivering resilient and affordable services – by advancing our policy priorities in Washington D.C. and providing expert resources to improve governance, management and operations. ARWO believes that good stewardship means maximizing our resources, while building strong partnerships based on trust.

ARWO structure resource usage in a way that makes sense from a financial perspective while also funding partners for the cost of delivering results efficiently, supported by open and honest dialogue about the resources required. The intent is to sufficiently fund actual costs, not to generate financial surpluses for partners. ARWO will pay for expenses that are directly attributable to project activities, output and outcomes as direct costs and expenses associated with general running of the organization as indirect costs.

Indirect Cost Rate

The indirect cost rate is a maximum of 15%. ARWO reviews the budget and cost categorizations on a grant by grant basis and can decide to make specific agreements regarding the indirect cost rate.


Jim Maras, Executive Director

Association of Regional Water Organizations

Cell: 720.232.3679