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Member (regional water or wastewater sytsem*)
Enter the number of individuals (not accounts) you serve, including those of utilities to which you sell water and provide contract operation services. The service population is calculated by multiplying the number of accounts by 2.5.

Dues for members are based on the service population of the system applying for membership.

Service Population Dues
20,000 people or fewer $2,000
20,000 to 99,999 people $2,000 plus $.025 per person after the first 20,000 people
100,000 people or more Non publicly owned system: $4000
Publicly owned system: $2,000 plus membership in the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies .**
Affiliate Member (Individual or organization other than a regional water or wastewater system)

Dues: $1,000

We subscribe to the mission of the Association of Regional Water Organizations as provided for in the Association’s bylaws.

* A regional system is one whose service area(s) crosses political jurisdictions.
** If a system serves 100,000 people or more and is a publicly owned entity (such as a city or county agency or independent authority), then the system must join the Association of Metropolitan Agencies (AMWA) in order to join ARWO. Visit for information about joining AMWA.